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Our Services

At Ngunnawal Art we run different programs and services here in Canberra!

Some of the service we run are:



We cater Traditional Ngunnawal Aboriginal foods.

Artefacts Education/ Teaching:

We make all known Aboriginal artefacts from scratch and teach others how to make it and also how to use them the right way such as spears, boomerangs, basket weaving and also coolomons.


In Canberra we have professional Aboriginal tour guides whom have special fields they have studied in and present to you as if you were back in old country times.

Smoking ceremonies:

As Ngunnawal men we do this service to cleanse spirits and connect to our ancestral spirits. We also do this as a healing service to get rid of all the bad spirits and bad flow that you may have hanging around.

Digital Art:

We now offer digital art!

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